PHAT Girl Fresh x The Wendy S. Collection Present The Big Drip Collection

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wear the Big Drip Romper by Wendy S. Collection

For years, individuals have been asking me about adding clothing other than tees to PHAT Girl Bouteeque. I have shied away from doing that because I wanted to assure just like with the tees, I had creative control over the merchandise. Having that creative control, in my opinion, is the only thing that would make sense to me and you, because I know that you know my style, thanks to "My Style Journal" and social media. Well, guess what? The fashion Gods have smiled on us and I am pleased to announce the "Big Drip" Collection", my first capsule collection with designer Wendy Striggles of The Wendy S. Collection

The "Big Drip" Collection will feature custom pieces that are flirty, fly and budget-friendly because I understand the plus size woman's need for all of the above. Each piece will mimic the sassy out of the box style that you know and love me for. Each piece will also be made to order by a skilled designer, Wendy Striggles. 

There will be pieces added to the collection randomly, just as the tee shirts are. Today we are dropping the first of many dope pieces, The Big Drip Romper. This oversized romper with a drop crotch can be dressed up or down. I decided to dress it up and make it sexy but it will be just as fly with sneakers. The details of this entire look are listed below. 


Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wear the Big Drip Romper by Wendy S. Collection

Braided Wig: Amy Braids Wigs

Shades: Amazon

YSL Handbag: Saint Laurent

Big Drip Romper: PHAT Girl Bouteeque

Clear block heel: Amazon



  • Seller D Gill

    Just got this PHAAAABULOUS PHAT ARMY FATIGUE ROMPER!!I GOT A 2X..MY normal pant size is 18-20 Woman’s…Bust 40C…I AM GONNA WERK THE ISH OUTTA THIS PIECE! LOVE IT! Will shop again.

  • Danyelle

    So sad This is sold out… will more be back in stock???!! I hope so.

  • Noey

    Is it cut small? The big girl romper. I’m busty and concerned about it being cut small or true to size

  • Razzel Dazzel

    I love the look and style you are a amazing plus size model that gives great fashion tips.

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