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Get Into These Iconic Vibes

Hey Sis! I know it has been a while and I am sure you have wondered where in the hell I have been. Well, I know you have seen me all over the innanets doing what I do. However, I had to step back from the t-shirt shop for a while because it had gotten to be a bit overwhelming and although I love creating these dope t-shirts, my responsibility to myself was most important.  In the last two years, I have been through a hell that many of you wouldn't believe. My home was struck by a tornado that left my family living in a hotel for over two months. I was experiencing a host of medical issues, and then it happened... I...

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Kinda Classy Kinda Hood

There is no handbook distributed to us as girls on how to be a woman. All we can do is pay attention to our surroundings and learn through experiences. Womanhood does not greet every girl in the same manner which is one reason why we do not live and look at things the same way. Despite our differences, the truth is... There is no one way to be a woman.  Some of us are classy, some of us are hood but all of us are women. Our diversity make us great so don't be ashamed of you! 

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